Our Sponsors

Dutch Democracy & Media Foundation

From its foundation in 2012, the Nuhanovic Foundation has been sponsored by Dutch Democracy & Media Foundation (Stichting Democratie & Media).

Project Donors


The Nuhanovic Foundation has been sponsored by Cordaid for a year in the past.

Amnesty International NL

Amnesty International NL supported the foundation and development of Syria Legal Network.


PAX supported the foundation and development of Syria Legal Network.

Amsterdam University Fund

In 2023, The Nuhanovic Foundation received funding from the Fonds voor Rechtsherstel bij Internationale Misdrijven (Fund for Redress for International Crimes), a newly established initiative by the Amsterdam University Fund. Through the generous support of the founders of this fund, Anita Witlox and Paul Lips, we aim to expand our collaboration with students by creating more research projects, organising events, and developing special projects within our thematic areas of work.


In 2023, The Nuhanovic Foundation received funding from Foundation Allemansrecht in support of our development towards a professional and sustainable organisation.

Our Partners

ISS, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Nuhanovic Foundation is part of the Legal Mobilisation Platform based at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Hague.

Law Faculty, University of Amsterdam

The Nuhanovic Foundation is closely affiliated to the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam and helped set up the War Reparations Centre (WRC) at UvA in 2014. The Centre is a partner of the Amsterdam Law Clinic and the Nuhanovic Foundation (based in the Amsterdam Law Hub) and welcomes requests from lawyers and non-profit organisations for legal research to assist litigation and other efforts to obtain redress.

Individual Donors

Frank van Vliet

Frank van Vliet has a long-standing commitment to supporting litigation that leads to justice for individuals harmed by state-sponsored violence. He has supported the Nuhanovic Foundation since its inception:
"I started supporting litigation cases with the Zorreguieta case, and then turned my attention increasingly to Afghanistan and later Palestine and Israel and so on. I feel closely engaged with the actual lawsuits, and am particularly interested in strategic litigation. Before a case starts, lawyers have to carry out investigations, get documents translated, and gather evidence. They need seed money for that. These are the costs for which I am approached, because, during the early phases of investigating and preparing a case, there's typically no financial support available from the government."