Victims of war and armed conflict (or their (legal) representatives) may apply for grants in order to obtain access to justice and realise the right to remedy and reparations. Costs that can be covered by a grant from the Nuhanovic Foundation are those directly associated with:
(i) investigating and identifying means of obtaining access to justice for the purpose of acquiring redress and reparation;
(ii) legal representation in negotiations and administrative, civil or criminal litigation, in so far as these activities are aimed at acquiring reparation. Reparation may include restitution, compensation or other remedies such as apologies, rehabilitation and guarantees of non-repetition.

Litigation may take place before domestic, regional or international courts or tribunals. It must be on behalf of individual victims or groups of victims and may be against a body responsible for the humanitarian law violation or with the responsibility to afford redress, such as individuals, organisations, states, corporations or other entities.

Cases must also have a link to The Netherlands (for example, the trial is taking place in Dutch courts, the accused resides in The Netherlands, the victim resides in The Netherlands, investigations are being carried out by an organisation based in The Netherlands).

Priority will be given to investigations and cases that:
(i) are expected to establish important precedents and thus increase access to justice for war victims by developing and strengthening reparation laws and practices;
(ii) cases where victims are not entitled financial assistance to cover costs related to legal aid;(iii) cases that face suspension because of financial shortcomings.

The Nuhanovic Foundation will closely monitor, analyze and report on cases it supports in order to increase their impact.

If you want to apply for a grant please send a completed grant request form to:

Click here to download the grant request form.