Yazidi Legal Network

Yazidi Legal Network was established by the Nuhanovic Foundation, Centre for War Reparations, in response to the request of a group of victims and witnesses based in the Netherlands to assist them in accessing justice in the form of three pillars, namely accountability, recognition, and reparation. Since its creation, the Yazidi Legal Network program has evolved and grown extensively and in early 2021 the Foundation Yazidi Legal Network was formally established with its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Yazidi Legal Network is a community of Yazidis working with a diverse group of lawyers, law students, and human rights activists, all united by their commitment to justice and the protection of human rights. The Network's aim is to empower and support the Yazidi community in their struggle to access justice for the crimes committed by ISIS in 2014. Yazidi Legal Network builds bridges between experts, organizations, and state entities by reaching out to law and policymakers to promote worldwide recognition of the seriousness of the crimes against the Yazidis and the need for an effective and just global response to those violations. The Network also maintains databases on crimes committed against Yazidis, which in turn assist national and international authorities in investigating and prosecuting crimes against the Yazidis. Lastly, Yazidi Legal Network also conducts training in a number of areas, including open-source investigations and international criminal law. To know more about Yazidi Legal Network, click here.