2014 | United Nations Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism Oct 2014

UN Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism is designed to track the materials required by and delivered to Gaza for its reconstruction following the military operation known as ‘Protective Edge’ in the summer of 2014. The mechanism relies on the establishment of a central database within the government of Palestine’s Ministry of Civil Affairs but accessible to the government of Israel.

Assessments of quantities needed for the rebuilding of private homes/properties will be made either by Palestinian government organs or by UN personnel and will be entered into the database. The UN will carry out spot-checks to ensure the materials reach their intended addresses.

Assessments of materials and quantities needed for larger scale public and private works will likewise be entered into the database. However, approval by the Israeli government will be needed before selected, Palestinian-govt licensed contractors can procure the requested materials.

The mechanism does not address Israel’s effective control over both the supply and the entry of all building materials into Gaza. See Israel’s ‘Civilian Policy Towards the Gaza Strip 2010’ in this section.