2012 | International Criminal Court (Lubanga) Decision establishing the principles and procedures to be applied to reparations.

Decision issued by the International Criminal Court in the case of The Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo No.: ICC-01/04-01/06, 7 August 2012, in the context of The Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Article 75 (1) of the Rome Statute, which established the International Criminal Court, stipulates that the Court ‘shall establish principles relating to reparation to, or in respect of, victims, including restitution, compensation and rehabilitation.’ On 7 August 2012, in consequence of its first Judgement (14 March 2012) convicting Thomas Lubanga for the recruiting of child-soldiers for use in hostilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the International Criminal Court issued its own set of Principles and procedures to be applied to reparations. The Principles can be found in section III beginning paragraph 222, p.66 of the Decision. In section II beginning paragraph 20, p.8 of the Decision, the Chamber provides detailed coverage of the many submissions and documents that influenced it in its formulation of the Principles. For further documents relating to this decision, see our page on reparations cases.