2002 | Special Court for Sierra Leone - Ratification Act

This Act ratified the agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the United Nations, to establish the Special Court of Sierra Leone. In Part IX, paragraph 45, provision is made for compensation claims by victims of perpetrators convicted by the court.

Such a claim would not be brought to the Special Court itself, but to a national court in Sierra Leone, under Act Nr.32 of 1965 (Sections 54 or 60 and 233).
54. (1) When any person is convicted of an offence and the facts constituting the offence amount also to a tort against the person or property of the prosecutor, the Court before which such person is convicted may, on the application of the prosecutor and after taking any such further evidence as it deems necessary, order the person convicted to pay the prosecutor such sum as appears to the Court to be reasonable compensation.

(NB For the purposes of this Act, the ‘prosecutor’ means ‘a person who gives information or causes information to be given on his behalf against the accused or the defendant and who intentionally associates himself with the prosecution’).