1995 | Commission for Real property Claims of Refugees and Displaced Persons in Bosnia Herzegovina

This Commission was established under Annex 7 of the Dayton Peace  Agreement. Its mandate was to guarantee the rights of all those who had lost their property as a consequence of the war in Bosnia Herzegovina to be able to return, or to gain compensation for their loss. Its focus was on restoring people’s rights and the rule of law for the safety and stability of the population. The Commission completed its work in 2003 and no longer has an active website. This End of Mandate report documents chronologically the work done by the commission, giving details of its precise mandate, its procedures and its strategies for implementation, and many statistics relating to claims. It also provides details of its executive and staff structures and its financial provisions. The Commission for Real Property Claims of Displace Persons and Refugees (CRPC) issued “CRPC Certificates” to applicants, which evolved into documents carrying the full force of the law. By the time of the completion of its mandate at the end of 2003, the Commission had issued over 300,000 final and binding decisions confirming property rights.