Who we are

Liesbeth Zegveld founded the Nuhanovic Foundation in 2011

Our board:
Heikelina Verrijn Stuart, chair
Mieke Zagt, treasurer
Tosca Urbanus, deputy chair
Kate Clark, member
Lauren Gould, member


  • Frederiek de Vlaming is the Foundation's director
  • Kate Clark is Head of Research for the Foundation
  • Hope Rikkelman is project director of the Nuhanovic Foundation's country projects
  • Marjolein Vlieks is in charge of the drones program and assists the Head of Research
  • Assistants and interns: students from the University of Amsterdam's War Reparations Center (see latest update: www.uva.nl/wrc)

Our board members are not paid. The Nuhanovic Foundation works with volunteers and free lance specialists. The foundation's director and program coordimators work on free lance / voluntary basis. Our interns and student assistants work on a voluntary basis or receive a small student fee for their work. 
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Our activity report 2020 including our planning for 2021-2023 is available here.  

Contact the Nuhanovic Foundation at f.devlaming@uva.nl

Mail address: Borneokade 301, 1019 XG Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Visiting address
Law Hub Faculty of Law, University of  Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Achtergracht 164, 1018 WV Amsterdam, Netherlands

KvK nummer (Chamber of Commerce) 52769240
RSIN 850589538

Our bank account: NL13 INGB 0008365357 of the Nuhanovic Foundation

The Nuhanovic Foundation has ANBI (charity) status!