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2011 | United Nations Office on Drugs and crime (UNODC) Report: The Criminal Justice Response to Support Victims of Acts of Terrorism

Victims of acts of terrorism are victims of an offense that targets one or more States, or one or more international organizations, and attacks the highest interests of a State or the international community. The Terrorism Prevention Branch (TPB) and the Justice Section (JS) of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) joined forces to develop this publication on an effective national criminal justice response to the need to support victims of acts of terrorism. The participating experts identified, collected and disseminated national experiences of programs that support victims of acts of terrorism in accordance with relevant national legislation and international standards and norms. The report starts from the position that international standards and norms on victims of crime also apply to victims of acts of terrorism, that the criminal punishment of perpetrators is not enough and that reparation must also be offered to victims. (See esp. Section III)
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