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2011 | REDRESS Report: Justice for Victims: the ICC’s Reparations Mandate, 2011

In his opening remarks to a 2010 Conference hosted by REDRESS, Judge (and Court President) Sang-Hyun Song explained that having discussed the establishment of reparations principles during their 2005 and 2007 plenary meetings, the judges had decided that these principles would be established through the Court’s jurisprudence in specific cases, including any appeals. He also indicated that the exact form of future reparations was still unknown, as each situation, each case and more importantly each victim, will present unique circumstances which in turn will require tailored forms of reparations

With this comprehensive report, REDRESS contributed significantly to the Court’s deliberations in reaching its first Decision establishing the principles and procedures to be applied to reparations (see the Court's Aug 2012 decision on our Instruments page), 20 May 2011  
See the full report here.