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2017 | ICTJ Briefing - Getting to Full Restitution: Guidelines for Court-Ordered Reparations in Cases Involving Sexual Violence Committed during Armed Con ict, Political Violence, or State Repression, by Cristián Correa.

Defining court-ordered reparations for victims of sexual violence committed during armed conflict, political violence, or state repression is not an easy task. The challenges only increase when there are few domestic precedents for defining such reparations based on international human rights law or international humanitarian law. This paper explains how the legal notion of restitutio in integrum has become the basis for defining and ordering other forms of reparation, particularly restitution and symbolic reparation, but that full restitution as such can be impossible to quantify or attain for victims of conflict-related sexual violence. The author explores how rehabilitation, education and various forms of the reparation of Satisfaction can be well-adapted to meet the needs of these victims.