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2018 | Syria Legal Network - Three documents....

Syria Legal Network-NL  published three legal reports in 2018 on the conflict in Syria and maintains a special war reparations database on Syria. The reports are:

 Syria: Access to Justice, A reader on International Legal Instruments

This collection of legal materials aims to provide students, researchers, lawyers and activists with the sources needed to understand the international legal framework that is relevant to the armed conflict in Syria. The Reader includes the basic documents of international public law, international criminal law and humanitarian law. It contains the most important decisions and resolutions of the United Nations in relation to the armed conflict in Syria. The collection offers legal guidance to anyone interested in formulating an international justice response to violations of international law in Syria.

Ten Legal Questions: the war in Syria explained in the framework of international law (English and Arabic)

In this report, the authors clarify some of the most basic questions on how international law applies to the current conflict in Syria. In ten concise chapters, it is explained how one should understand the legal framework of the armed conflict in Syria and why the legal framing matters. Topics include: justifications for intervention, chemical weapons, sieges and population transfers, the position of humanitarian organizations and the media and accountability for international crimes. The report is available in both English and Arabic.

Forced displacements in Homs (2013-2017), charging president Al Assad for crimes against humanity and war crimes

This report examines the relevant legal framework for attributing responsibility to Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad for the crime of forcibly displacing civilians from the city of Homs. The report consists of two parts. The first part summarizes the facts of the forced displacements that took place between 2013 and 2017 in Homs’ suburb Al Waer. The information is based on the quarterly Siege Watch reports that have been published by PAX and the Syria Institute since 2016. The second part presents a model indictment against Bashar Al-Assad alleging his criminal responsibility for the crime of forced displacement and for crimes that took place in the context of the forced displacements. Syria Legal Network-NL hopes that the report will contribute to clarifying the role of the Syrian government regarding the forced displacements of civilians.

The reports were drafted by lawyers of the Syria Legal Network-NL in cooperation with students of the University of Amsterdam Law Faculty and interns of the War Reparations Centre  and the Nuhanovic Foundation. 

The reports can also soon be read on the Syria Legal Network’s ownwebsite: https://www.syrialegalnetwork.nl/our-work/