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2014 | UNMISS Report - Conflict in South Sudan: a human rights report

The UN Mission in Sudan conducted over 900 interview with victims and witnesses and found that, from the very outset of the conflict in South Sudan, gross violations of human rights and serious violations of humanitarian law have occurred on a massive scale. This report documents a large number of incidents and reveals that violations are being committed by both parties to the conflict and include rape and other acts of sexual violence. In chapter III the legal framework of South Sudan is discussed, and chapters VII and VIII focus on legal responsibility and accountability measures. Of particular interest are pages 49 - 51 which describe a number of conflict-related sexual violence incidents, not only in the villages, but also in the UNMISS Protection of Civilian sites. The report also states that numerous government investigation committees have been established, but so far no report has been publicly released.

UNMISS calls for further comprehensive and credible investigations emphasizing that the government of South Sudan is under an obligation to investigate all violations and to prosecute and punish those found to be responsible. It also recommends that a credible legal framework is established in south Sudan, so as to enhance the capacity of the country’s judicial institutions and to increase respect for their independence.