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2015 | Security Council Resolution S/RES/2200 Feb 12 2015

Security Council Resolution S/RES/2200 Feb 12 2015 

 This most recent SC Resolution expresses deep concern at the increased violence and insecurity in Darfur in recent months, including fighting between the government and armed groups and inter-communal fighting. The violence has contributed to a significant increase in the number of internally displaced persons observed in 2014 and it continues to restrict humanitarian access to conflict areas where vulnerable civilian populations reside.

The Resolution confirms that obstacles continue to be imposed by the Government of Sudan on the work of the UN’s Panel of Experts in trying to fulfill its mandate, including restrictions to their freedom of movement, and limitations on access to areas of armed conflict and areas of reported violations and abuses of human rights. It calls upon the Government of Sudan to address the illicit transfer, accumulation and misuse of weapons and to implement travel bans and asset freezes that it has designated against certain individuals.