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2015 | ACERWC Tribune Vol 1 002 Dec 2014

The African Commission of experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child reports on implementation of the Charter in all African States. This edition, published in January 2015 contains several articles confirming the ongoing sexual exploitation and abuse of children, particularly children IDPs, both within and around their camps in South Sudan. The article by J.F Basse (p.9) stresses the need to hold perpetrators to account for these atrocities. He also observes that over a thousand schools have been closed down, a number of which are now occupied by military forces, and that many girls can be seen in military uniform.

The article by A.Getachew (p.4) reflects on the current state of ratifications of the Charter, and on the reluctance of some States to withdraw their reservations to various articles of the Treaty. The ACERWC website provides a list of signatories, ratifications and reservations. Sudan, for example, exempts itself from the application of Article 10 regarding the protection of children’s privacy, Article 11(6) regarding the education of children who become pregnant before completing their education and Article 21(2) regarding child marriage. The ACERWC will conduct a campaign throughout 2015 aimed at achieving universal ratification by November 2015.