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2014 | UN Secretary-General Report November 2014 on the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) (last available report)

This is the Secretary-General’s most recent report on UNAMID available at the date of posting. Even though military operations have decreased overall during the reporting period, clashes between Government forces and armed movements occurred intermittently and aerial bombardments by the Government were reported on a number of occasions. The ongoing competition over resources has aggravated the security situation, resulting in deadly clashes between tribes and increased criminality and banditry.

UNAMID has recorded a total of 55 cases of violence and attacks against civilians by Arab militias, Government forces and unknown armed elements. For the first time elements of SLA-AW and SLA-MM were also involved in a number of direct attacks. Because of the limited capacity of local law enforcement authorities, impunity, proliferation of smalls arms and a culture of violence, criminality remains a major concern. The number of people displaced by the conflict has increased since the last report from 385.000 to 431.300. There has been limited progress on the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur during the reporting period.

UNAMID has recorded 66 cases of conflict-related sexual violence during the reporting period. Thirty-six of these were reported to the Government police, and only nine were investigated, leading to four arrests. Rape accounted for 55 cases. Under-reporting and non-reporting remains a major challenge. Many victims also refused to appear in court (par. 54). Media sources have reported that at the end of October over 200 women and girls were raped in Thabit by members of the Sudanese armed forces. The Secretary-General expresses deep concern about UNAMID’s restricted access to the area to investigate the allegations. The Secretary-General stresses that the tensions around this issue between the Governmentand UNAMID need to be reduced and practical steps need to be taken to address the allegations. All efforts need to be made by the Government and UNAMID to ensure that the protection concerns of innocent civilians are addressed (par. 57 and 82).