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2012 | PCHR, Israel's Arbitrary Detention of Fishermen in the Gaza Sea

This Memorandum presented by PCHR to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention shows that the Israeli Naval Forces frequently unlawfully arrest and detain Palestinian fishermen who are at work in the Gaza Sea. PCHR notes that these fishermen pose no threat to national security, which otherwise could justify their arrest and detention. Once they are taken to the Ashdod port in Israel, fishermen - including children- are detained and interrogated, without being informed of the reason for their arrest or of the charges against them, in direct violation of Article 9 of the ICCPR.
Furthermore, in the process of arrest, fishing boats and equipment are often confiscated and, in some cases, damaged or destroyed.
The memorandum notes that fishermen are legally entitled to compensation, both for their victimization and for any financial losses.
In an effort to seek accountability, PCHR has pursued a number of pro bono legal cases in the Israeli Military Court. Although many cases regarding the confiscation of fishing boats have concluded with positive results, the memorandum notes that Israel’s Naval Forces are not being held fully accountable.
PCHR publishes its documentation of Israel’s attacks against fishermen in the form of a monthly fact-sheet that can be found on their website.