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2013 | UN Sec.Council Report Women, Peace and Security: Sexual Violence in Conflict and Sanctions

This Security Council Report provides a discouraging account of the slow pace at which the Security Council has adjusted its regime of targeted sanctions to reflect the alarming scale of sexual abuse crimes. (See p.27-29) It is only since July 2011 (resolution 2002) that the Council’s Somalia sanctions regime has included sex­ual and gender-based violence as a designation criterion for targeted sanctions. However, despite this expanded focus and notwithstanding the sustained references to women, peace and security in subsequent Somalia sanctions resolutions, as well as a preponderance of evidence presented by the Monitoring Group in its July 2012 report, the 751 Somalia Sanctions Committee at press time had designated no individuals for viola­tions relating to international human rights or humanitarian law generally or for sexual and gender-based violence specifically.