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2014 | HRC Draft Resolution Ensuring Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft or Armed Drones in Counter-Terrorism & Military Operations in Accordance with International Law A/HRC/28/L.32

In this document, the Human Rights Council (HRC) expresses its deep concern about the civilian casualties resulting from the use armed drones in counter-terrorism and military operations. It stresses that these weapons should be used in in accordance with international law, including international human rights and humanitarian law. States are pushed to be transparent about the use of armed drones and to prompt independent investigations into potential violations of international law resulting from drone strikes.

The HRC also draws attention to the broader  impact  of armed drones  on  children,  families  and  communities,  such as  the  interruption  of education and the reluctance to help the victims of drone strikes for fear of being targeted in following strikes. The right to reparations for victims of drone strikes, however, is unaddressed.