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2012 | INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT | Prosecutor vs. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo No.: ICC-01/04-01/06, 7 August 2012; Decision establishing the Principles and Procedures to be applied to reparation

This landmark decision (you can download the PDF via this link) was issued by the International Criminal Court in keeping with its statutory obligation to formulate principles and procedures for reparation for international crimes. The decision followed upon the conviction of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo (14 March 2012) for the recruiting of child soldiers in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Given the powerful legal impact of such a decision emanating from the ICC we have also included it among our International Instruments.

Appeal against Trial Chamber I’s decision establishing the principles and procedures to be applied to reparation of 7 August 2012 No.: ICC-01/04-01/06, Date: 3 September 2012

Legal representatives for Mr. Lubanga Dyilo have appealed this decision on technical grounds relating to the specific roles of the Court, the Trust Fund for Victims and the Defense and Prosecution teams in the reparations process. The decision of the Appeals Chamber is still pending.