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2012 | EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS | Cases against Chechnya


Khutsayev and Others v. Russia, Application no. 16622/05, 27 May 2010

Violent, unlawful abduction from the family home, disappearance and presumed death of two men. Ill-treatment of other members of the family and theft of valuables from the family house. The Court found that State authorities were responsible for these acts and that the law-enforcement authorities failed to carry out an effective criminal investigation.

The applicants had suffered degrading and inhumane treatment in the anguish caused by the loss of their family members, the indifference shown by the authorities towards them and the failure to provide any information about the fate of their close relatives. The court found violations of Articles 2,3,5,8 and 13 and awarded substantial non-pecuniary damages and costs.

Isayev v. Russia Application no. 43368/042011, 21 June 2011

Abduction and torture resulting in death of a Russian man residing in the Chechen Republic. Failure of Russian authorities to investigate the alleged torture or the death. The Court found grave violations of Articles 2 and 3, and also Article13 and awarded substantial non-pecuniary damages.

Aslakhanova and others v. Russia (Applications nos. 2944/06 and 8300/07, 50184/07, 332/08, 42509/10) 18 December 2012

Abduction, disappearance and presumed death of eight male relatives from five different families from Grozny or the Grozny District between March 2002 and July 2004. The abductions occurred in quite similar circumstances: the applicants’ relatives were arrested by groups of armed and masked men at their homes or in the streets in a manner resembling a security operation. Torture was inflicted upon another male relative. The Court found violations of Articles 2,3,5 and 13 ECHR and awarded substantial non-pecuniary damages.