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2017 | ICC Office of the Prosecutor - Request for authorisation of an investigation pursuant to Article 15

Request for authorisation to initiate an investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on the territory of Afghanistan since May 1, 2003 as well as other related crimes allegedly committed on the territory of other States Parties to the Rome Statute since July 1, 2002. Specifically, the request concerns: (i) crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the Taliban and affiliated groups in Afghanistan; (ii) war crimes committed by the Afghan National Security Forces in Afghanistan; and (iii) war crimes committed by the United States of America armed forces and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Afghanistan and other locations.?The victims of crimes allegedly committed outside of Afghanistan are individuals captured in the context of the armed conflict in the country and allegedly subjected to mistreatment on the territory of Poland, Romania, and Lithuania, as well as persons who were initially captured on the territory of third States, such as Pakistan.