Symposium on Indonesia's 1965 genocide

The Nuhanovic Foundation supported the International People’s Tribunal 1965 on Indonesia, held in The Hague, the Netherlands November 2015.
The Tribunal resulted, among others, in a government supported two-day symposium in Jakarta in April 2016 on the 1965 mass killings. The event discussed the darkest chapter of the country’s past, during which an estimated of 500,000 members of Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), ethnic Chinese and alleged leftists were killed by the armed forces and millions were imprisoned without trial. The symposium was the first of its kind, organised by the Indonesian government to ‘dissect the 1965 tragedy’. The focus was on acknowledging facts and recognising victims rather than attributing blame. The event sparked controversy when Indonesia’s minister for political, legal and security affairs said that the government would not make an apology for the violence that occurred in 1965. Human rights activists boycotted the symposium calling it a ‘one-sided’ initiative which would maintain the impunity of the guilty. The timing of the symposium suggests that the government feels under pressure due to the work of human rights groups and researchers both within Indonesia and around the world.

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