Nuhanovic Foundation supports the civil proceedings before a Dutch court by Somali vic-tims of a US drone attack in 2014

In January 2014 two children were killed by an American missile. The US operation was meant to eliminate Ahmed Godane and resulted in the killing of several Al Shabaab members. At that time, no civilian casualties were reported by any media or western officials. The case against the Dutch government is being pursued on the basis of its co-responsibility for providing information about the location of the terrorist convoy to US. Documents released by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have shown that Dutch military intelligence agency intercepted millions of telephone calls and text messages by Somalis and also shared the information with USA. If successful, the case would prove to be a milestone and warning for the rest of the European states who provide information that results in civilian death. The case is now in its initial stages and Dutch and Somalian lawyers are in the process of gathering vital evidence.

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