Nuhanovic Foundation launches report on worldwide monetary compensation payments

This groundbreaking report on monetary payments for civilian harm in international and national practice maps payment schemes recently or currently operating in response to armed-conflict, violations of law and terrorist attacks.  You can now read the whole report via our Reports page. The report was the result of  a collaboration between the Amsterdam Law Clinic at the University of Amsterdam and the Centre for Civilians in Conflict in Washington DC. It was launched by Dr Frederiek de Vlaming, Director of the Nuhanovic Foundation, at the University of Amsterdam last month in the presence of Professor Liesbeth Zegveld, founder of the Nuhanovic Foundation, Sahr MuhammedAlly, Senior Legal & Amends Advisor at CIVIC, the students who had done the research and other distinguished academics and experts.

It is hoped that the report will enable evaluation of best practice in the area of reparations for civiliam harm and lead to the development of rules of due dilligence. Comparison and analysis of different practices should help to raise public expectations about the standard that should be met in responding to civilians who have been injured or whose family members have been killed in any of the above contexts.

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