Extension Announced for Compensation Claims by Indonesian Widows

Surviving widows whose spouses were executed by Dutch forces during Police Actions between 1946 - 1949 have been granted a further two year extension for which to submit a claim. This is in light of the original September 10th deadline agreed to by the Dutch Government and the Committee on Dutch Debts of Honour. 

This decision is welcomed by many who fear that justice has not been achieved for the suriving relatives, many of whom face increasingly restrictive circumstances and rules for which to submit a claim. There have also been calls to broaden the regulation to include children and siblings of the deceased, and furthermore to apply the regulation for an indefinite period. 

For further reading:  http://international.sp.nl/news/2015/07/harry-van-bommel-extend-regulation-on-compensation-for-surviving-relations-of-victims

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