Amnesty International releases report on European assistance in US lethal drone strikes

On April 19, 2018, Amnesty International released its report Deadly Assistance, the role of European States in US drone strikes. While the United States’ lethal drone programme covers Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Syria and is carried out in- and outside armed conflict situations, it is supported by many States, including The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. European support took the form of intelligence-sharing to locate and identify targets, and operational support, including the provision of infrastructure to assist with communications and allowing the US to use military bases on their territory. Amnesty’s report examines the role of these European States and analyses whether the assistance provided could be aiding potentially unlawful US drone strikes in violation of international law, rendering the assistance itself unlawful. Chapter 7 of the report highlights the Dutch litigation case sponsored by the Nuhanovic Foundation, of two Somali victims of US drone strikes who purport that the Netherlands share responsibility for the attack and claim that the Dutch State has committed a wrongful act by violating international law, in particular human rights and international humanitarian law.

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