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2020 | Nuhanovic Foundation supports request for information Hawija bombing

The Nuhanovic Foundation supports the request submitted by Dutch lawyer for information about Dutch bombing Hawija in Iraq

Media reports in October 2019 about a large number of civilian casualties after the bombing of IS targets on the Iraqi town of Hawija in June 2015 by Coalition forces led to the decision by victim groups, journalists and lawyers to further investigate the case in order to decide whether legal proceedings could be started against the Dutch government as part of the Coalition.

The NF provided seed money for local investigations. 

The Nuhanovic Foundation published an article on the case in Dutch newspaper:  https://www.volkskrant.nl/columns-opinie/iets-doen-is-niet-genoeg-voor-de-burgerslachtoffers-van-hawija~b254720f/.  See for more info on the case in the media: https://www.trouw.nl/politiek/advocaat-zegveld-kul-nederland-moet-wel-schade-vergoeden-aan-slachtoffers-hawija~b1b45058/