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2021 | Nuhanovic Foundation supports project on arms trade

Arms trade and post sales services: the GLAN/Lighthouse project 

The organizations GLAN (https://www.glanlaw.org/) and Lighthouse (https://www.lighthousereports.nl/) received a contribution from the Nuhanovic Foundation for their investigative work on the so called post sale services of arms sales. The work includes analysis and legal assessments as well as the production of a guide for investigators and lawyers. The final aim is litigation.  


'The invisible link -- post sale services linked with arms transfers'.

All arms sales contracts havepost-sale service contracts attached to them and many make corporate and state actors complicit in serious violations of international law. Lighthouse Reports and GLAN are collaborating in an effort to secure accountability through investigation, advocacy and litigation. Led by Dr Valentina Azarova this project is assisted by The University of Amsterdam's Business and Human. (Project description by Lighthouse/GLAN : 



See for more information:


https://www.glanlaw.org/yemen, https://www.lighthousereports.nl/ourprojects/2018/11/15/euarms).