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2013 | UN Human Rights Due Diligence Policy

The policy sets out measures that all United Nations entities must take in order to ensure that any support that they may provide to non-United Nations forces is consistent with the purposes and principles as set out in the Charter of the United Nations and with its responsibility to respect, promote and encourage respect for international humanitarian, human rights and refugee law. As such, the policy is not only relevant to UN supported missions in Africa. However, given the extensive cooperative arrangements between the UN and national and regional security forces (including some government aligned militias) in Africa, the policy document is of particular interest in this context. The policy is intended to complement the UN’s normal processes aimed at encouraging respect for international humanitarian, human rights or refugee law. These already include developing capacity as well as investigating and reporting on violations of those bodies of law and interceding with relevant authorities to protest those violations, secure remedial action and prevent their repetition.