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2014 | UK Overseas Security and Justice Assistance Human Rights Guidance

This document has been produced by the UK government as guidance for UK security and justice personnel abroad (word document download). You can download the document via this link.

The UK states that security and justice assistance to international partners to tackle threats such as terrorism, serious organized crime and conflict, and to support sustainable development, remains crucial to the implementation of their foreign policy and development priorities. The documents emphasizes that the UK must continue to provide such assistance and must therefore ensure that such assistance supports the UK’s foreign policy values and is consistent with applicable domestic and international human rights obligations.

Personnel must ‘make an overall assessment of whether there is a serious risk that the assistance might directly or significantly contribute to a violation of human rights and/or IHL, and determine whether senior personnel or Ministers need to approve this assessment.’ Types of risks named include human trafficking and sexual violence. See Assessment and Approvals Process para.14.