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2004 | Pretoria Declaration on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Africa

State parties to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights undertook to give full effect to the economic, social and cultural rights contained in the Charter. In this declaration, though it does not address exclusvely to the rights of women in Africa, the States parties are called upon to actively address these obligations and to remove constraints affecting their ability to do so, including, specifically, the ongoing trafficking of women and children. The Declaration emphasizes that the pledge to eliminate discrimination against women must be fulfilled, as non-discrimination and equal treatment are key components of all economic, social and cultural rights. It also recalls that equitable and non-discriminatory access, acquisition, ownership, inheritance and control of land and housing, especially by women, are safeguarded by Article 14 of the ACHPR. Recommendations include ratification especially of the ACHPR’s Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa (see elsewhere on this page) by all States not having done so and the African Union is urged to press for this.