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2011 | The Status of Forces Agreement between the UN and the Government of the Republic of South Sudan concerning the UNMISS

The UN establishes a status of forces agreement with every host country and foreign nation in which it stations peacekeeping missions. The agreement establishes the rights and privileges of foreign personnel in the host country.

Chapter IV paragraph 5 of this Agreement states that UNMISS and its members shall respect all local laws and regulation and shall conduct its operation with full respect for the principles and rules of the international conventions applicable to the conduct of military personnel (paragraph 6(a)). The Government of South Sudan undertakes to treat the military personnel of UNMISS at all times with full respect of the aforementioned principles and rules (paragraph 6(b)). The UNMISS enjoys the status, privileges and immunities of the United Nations (paragraph 15), as do its individual members (chapter VI paragraphs 26 – 31). With these paragraphs in mind it is interesting to study chapters VII and VIII which limit the liability of the UN in case of claims by third parties and provide for a dispute settlement procedure (a standing claims commission established by UN Secretary-General).