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2007 | Sudanese Armed Forces Act 2007

The 2007 Sudanese Armed Forces Act regulates the administration and structures of the Sudanese armed forces,  the functioning of the Military Courts and other military criminal organs, and the procedural aspects of trial proceedings in relation to military offences. Art.s 153-155 list offences punishable if committed by combatant personnel against civilians during military operations. These include sexual crimes such as rape, sexual slavery, and coercion to prostitution (see Article 153 (2(d)). To be punishable under the Act the offences must have been committed 'within the framework of a methodical direct and widespread attack, directed against civilians'

In 2013 Sudan's parliament adopted amendments to the Act that envisage prosecution of civilians in Military Courts for committing any act undermining the security of the state. Critics consider these amendments to be unconstitutional. You can read a commentary on the 2013 amendments by REDRESS via this link