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1991 | Sudan Criminal Act

The Criminal Code of Sudan is influenced by the Sharia. This becomes apparent in Part I, in which among others the interpretation and explanation of different words is explained, and in the type of offences that are listed in the Act. Part II of the Act discusses the different types of criminal responsibility. Part III explains attempt and joint acts and Part IV gives the different sanctions. The offences are given in Part V to  XVI. Offences that are of particular interest are adultery (Art. 145), sodomy (Art. 148), rape (Art. 149), seduction (Art. 156) and false accusation of unchasity (Art. 157). Also of interest are the schedules for retribution and dia (blood-money) on pages 54 and 55. These schedules show for which limbs and wounds retribution is allowed and the amount of blood-money that has to be paid for certain offences.