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2013 | Vision 2016: Principals and Recommendations

The Vision 2016 Conference was convened by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, His Excellency, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Mogadishu from 2-6 September 2013 in which His Excellency called for the first of many national dialogues on the transition towards democratic legitimacy.

The objective of the Conference was to advance the political process by soliciting the opinions of the Somali people including members of parliament, regional authorities, civil society groups and experts, as well as members of the diaspora to ensure the constitutional review and implementation process, together with the process of transitioning to democratic legitimacy, is Somali-owned.

The Conference participants agreed on six ‘Core Principals’ and listed six recommendations for the urgent review and implementation of the country’s constitution. The Vision 2016 document can be read here.