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1990 | The Somali Constitutions of 1979 and 1990

The Constitution of 1979 identifies Somalia as ‘a socialist State led by the working class’ and provides that the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party shall be the only legal party and have shall have supreme authority of political and socio-economic leadership. While limiting political rights it provides that ‘every citizen shall be entitled to participate fully in political, economic, social and cultural activities…’ and ‘shall be entitled to work’ (Articles 20-21).

The Somali Constitution of 1990 replaced the Constitution of 1979. Two Articles pertain specifically to the rights and protections of women. Articles 54 and 55 provide that the State will create opportunities enabling the effective participation of women in the political, economic and social life of the country and guarantee for young people and women ‘a work suitable for their conditions’.

 Both Constitutions recognizes International Law, international treaties and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Articles 19 and 20).