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2013 | The Somali Compact

The Somali Compact

 ‘The Somali Compact’ is a recent government policy statement intended to inform all reconstructive processes in Somalia in addition to coordinating donor support. A product of the Brussels conference of 16th September 2013, the policy document identifies peace and state-building priority areas that Somalia hopes to implement in the next 3 years (2013-2016). The Compact is anchored in the principals of the ‘Busan New Deal’, a document produced by collaboration between the G7 and 19 currently fragile States (also included in this section). It is envisaged by the New Deal that each fragile state will produce a Vision, a Plan and a ‘Compact’ outlining how to implement the Plan. The Somalia Compact is the outcome of a consultative process between the government, civil society, the international community, members of the Federal parliament, citizens of Somalia, the UN and the lead donor, the European Union. A recent scholarly analysis of its background and likely impact can be found in our Somalia-Articles section.