Seminar on Litigation on behalf of victims of sexual crimes

The Nuhanovic Foundation funded and participated in LAW’s round table on litigation for sexual violence by security forces in the Horn of Africa, held in Nairobi (Kenya) on 26 and 27 January. The Roundtable brought together activists and lawyers working for victims in South Sudan, Darfur and Somalia. They discussed the legislative barriers that currently prevent effective investigations and prosecutions of perpetrators of these crimes, including outdated criminal codes and recent statutes and decrees that explicitly provide broad immunities from criminal prosecution for members of security forces including government-aligned militias. The goal was to try and devise strategies that would enable litigation for redress. These include advocacy, drafting new legislation on sexual offenses, pressing to have security personnel tried before civilian courts and exploring the options for using universal jurisdiction to try perpetrators in foreign courts, until domestic courts are fully ready to run effective prosecutions for these crimes.

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