Roundtable on Strategies for Litigation and the occupied Palestinian territory

On October 31 and November 1 2014 the Nuhanovic Foundation hosted the fourth roundtable on “Exploring Strategies for Litigation: the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)” organized in cooperation with LAW and the War Reparations Centre of the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam.

The roundtable brought over 30 leading experts and practitioners together to discuss how legal action may be taken at the domestic, regional and transnational levels to address human rights violations and abuses in the oPt.

This year’s roundtable focused on the impact of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Participants discussed the structural failures of the Israeli justice system to investigate and prosecute breaches of law by military officials, as well as the issue of barriers to domestic civil remedies for Palestinians. Consequently, participants addressed the question whether the impossibility of civil remedies opens up transnational litigation options. Experts also considered the role of international donors in paying for the reconstruction of Gaza and third party state responsibility. Finally, the roundtable focused on the issue of corporate responsibility and the role of multinational corporations in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), discussing options and strategies for litigating against multinational companies.

The roundtable ended with a session devoted to the challenges in finding funding for human rights litigation cases, and identified positive ways forward for addressing ongoing breaches of international law in the oPt.

The presentations and material provided by the participants to the roundtable will be uploaded soon.

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