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2019 | Vasja Badalic; The War Against Civilians: Victims of the "War on Terror" in Afghanistan and Pakistan

This e-book provides a critical analysis of how the “war on terror” affected the civilian populations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This war, initiated by the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan, has resulted in more than 212,000 deaths. The author has amassed a vast amount of data on the civilian victims on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. His data is mostly drawn from interviews held with civilian victims of war, Afghan and Pakistani officials, human-rights activists and members of the insurgency. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is of particular relevance from the Nuhanovic Foundation’s perspective, since it examines the impact that the US-led coalition, Afghan security forces and paramilitary groups had on civilians, with methods of combat such as drone strikes. The second part focuses on civilian victims of abuses of power by Pakistani security forces, including arbitrary detentions and forced disappearances. In the final part, the author explores the impact of unlawful practices used by the armed insurgency – the Afghan Taliban. Overall, the book seeks to tell the story of the civilian victims of the “War on Terror".