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2010 | George S. Yacoubian; ‘Financial, Territorial and Moral Reparations for the 1915 Armenian Massacres’ in journal of War Crimes, Genocide, & Crimes against Humanity Volume 4 (2010): 59-98

The purpose of this article is to address whether reparations are an appropriate remedy for victims of genocide after criminal responsibility has been established. Part I of this essay examines victims’ rights in international human rights law generally, and then reviews the literature on restitution and compensation with respect to genocide specifically. Part II summarizes the 1915 Armenian Genocide and goes on to describe the Armenian reparations movement. Part III discusses the feasibility and practical consequences of providing restitution and/or compensation for the Armenian Genocide. Part IV concludes that there is a general consensus within the international community that genocide was committed by the Turkish government against Armenians in 1915, and that, because the 1915 Turkish government is guilty of genocide, acknowledgement of the massacres by the modem-day Turkish government is an appropriate resolution to an issue that will likely not be satisfactorily resolved by litigation.