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2009 | J. Hagan, W. Rymon-Richmond & A. Palloni – Racial targeting of sexual violence in Darfur.

The US State Department conducted the Atrocities Documentation Survey in the Darfur region of western Sudan by interviewing 1136 Darfur refugees at 20 sites in Chad in 2004. This article discusses the quantitative study that was conducted to research whether Sudanese government forces joined with Arab Janjaweed militia have racially targeted non-Arab Black African villages for violence that included sexual victimisation, while at the same time sparing Arab villages from sexual violence. The results of the survey show that respondents reported being subjected to racial epithets associated with sexual victimisation significantly more often during combined attack than during separate attacks by Sudanese government forces and Janjaweed militia forces. According to the authors the results suggest that the Sudanese government is participating in the use of sexual assault as a racially targeted weapon against ethnically African civilians. The reported sparing of nearby Arab villages from these attacks broadened the evidence that the sexual violence was a selective and targeted part of the conflict.